Issues That Result From Overworking Your A/C Unit

Las Vegas in the summer is hot. That’s an understatement. This is the time of year when your air conditioning unit needs to be in tip-top shape. The last thing you want is to be stuck inside during the sweltering Nevada heat without any relief, except for a fan or two. If you start to notice any issues with your A/C system or if you haven’t had it serviced in a while, now is the time to call Ben Air Systems.

Many of our customers wonder what could be wrong with their AC, why it’s not pushing out any or enough air. Read on to learn more about the most common AC issues that can result in the entire system breaking down.

No Cold Air

Is your AC blowing air but your house still isn’t cool? This happens when you set the AC temperature too cold for a long time, resulting in using large amounts of refrigerant, also known as freon, which cools the air in your home. When you use too much refrigerant in a short time period, it gets used up quickly. Another issue you could experience is a refrigerant leak, which also makes it drain that much faster.

Sluggish A/C

When you find that your A/C is actually cooling your home but is taking far too long to do so, your unit may be too small for your home. This means it has to work much harder to get the job done, resulting in extensive wear and tear on the system and a higher energy bill. A trained technician from Ben Air Systems can inspect your system and let you know if it’s too small. If so, it’s time to upgrade to a larger system. Tip: An A/C unit should maintain an indoor temperature that is 20 to 25 degrees less than the temperature outside. If your A/C system can not reach this goal, you may have an issue with the unit or the unit is too small.

Strange Noises

An A/C unit that is compromised makes some really weird noises. You might hear it screech or squeak, which means that a motor belt is about to break. Banging, rattling, and clanging is especially problematic. If you hear these noises, turn off your unit immediately and call Ben Air Systems to inspect it. A smacking sound means something could be stuck in the blower blades. After turning off the A/C, inspect the blades and remove any debris you find. Clicking sounds mean there is probably an issue with the electrical connections. Do not try to handle this yourself. Instead, contact the professionals at Ben Air Systems.

A/C Solutions

To help keep your A/C system running at optimum performance, follow these two simple tips:

Set your unit to AUTO. Don’t leave it on all day. This causes the blades to constantly move even though they are not pushing out cool air, which causes more wear and tear on your system.
Change dirty air filters regularly. Dirty filters clog your system and prevent cold air from coming through. This is an easy task and something you can do on your own.
For an A/C problem you have, the professionals at Ben Air Systems can handle it. Call us today at 702-825-2600.

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